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TFAL_PAN_G26519 (W48)

TFAL_PAN_G26519 (W48)

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[Returned by cross -border EC] * Direct delivery in Japan

[Unused / opened (b)] There are 3 outer circumference, and there is a rattling in the handle.

"Product Details"

Tiffar IH Hard Titanium Hard Titanium Hard Titanium Hard Titanium G26519/Cooking Equipment/Brand: Tiffar (T-FAL)/[Released, Manufacturer, Import Original or Distributor] Group Cebu Japan/ 6519 products Details] ● Durability and thermal conductivity of the highest peak of Tiffar market. ● Durable 6x long with titanium unlimited coating * Manufacturer product ratio (anti -titanium coating) About twice the number of conventional "IH Ruby Excellence". Durability that can also use metal spatula. Power -up is also powered up, and you can use it for a long time. ● Wide IH disk * The conventional compatible disk becomes larger and conveys the heat efficiently. The heat is transmitted earlier, the heat is transmitted faster, and the food is more delicious. ● The “Notice Mark” pattern that has become easier to understand disappears and announces the appropriate temperature. The best timing of cooking start is easier to understand. ● Deeper than conventional products. You can make various dishes. /cate30053

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